Why “Just A Moment?”

If your house is anything like mine, you are probably reading this right now, not really busy, and there are no children are asking you for anything (except maybe there is a baby attached to you). Now, try to go to the bathroom and your kids will be on your heels asking for a snack, which they are more than likely able to get themselves, or you will be hearing bickering from the other room.

I first started saying, “just a minute,” to the millions of times a day that I am asked for something when I am in the process of doing something else. Then my kids learned to count to sixty. A moment, with its ambiguity, was the perfect replacement.

Well, perfect enough to not have an impatient 58, 59, 60 yelled out.

My days seemed filled with this phrase: just a moment. The kids take turns saying, “I’m hungry,” while I am in the kitchen, already making supper. My response, “just a moment.” From the other room, “I need help reaching.” My response, “just a moment.” Or the one that every parent can relate to, “I WENT POOP!” you guessed it, “just a moment!”

It didn’t take me long to figure out that with each additional child in our family, not only did I need to increase my patience, so did my children. Of course, having a newborn meant that a lot of things needed to wait. The older children needed to learn that a new baby didn’t know how to wait and things were not going to get done so fast. I like to think that the constant repetition is building up their patience, one “just a moment” at a time.

Aside from being something I say frequently, “just a moment” is a reminder for myself that these moments all pass too quickly. Our children grow so fast and it is so easy to miss the small things. I need a reminder that all these moments add up to the long days but also add up to the very short years.

And so… the birth of Just a Moment Mom.

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